June 28, 2010

How to deal with sweat during hot days

How does a person deal with sweat during the dog days of summer? This is a question for the ages. Many people needlessly suffer the uncomfortable feelings of perspiration, when there are actual steps that one can take to reduce sweating in the summertime.
The obvious one of course is to have a good anti perspiring. Nothing can take the place of it, and the right antiperspirant will do wonders to cut down on excessive summertime sweating.

The next bit of advice to reduce summertime sweating would be to limit your intake of coffee and tea during the summertime.

An individual should drink no more than two cups of hot coffee or tea per day in the summer, to drink more than that could significantly raise your body temperature, and cause sweating to be an issue.

Another culprit in excessive summertime perspiration is related to energy drinks. Energy drinks can also cause sweating by speeding up your metabolism.
Some of the other culprits in creating excess sweat would be spicy foods and lack of good exercise.
Obese people tend to sweat more and have more difficulty in the summer. So eating healthily and maintaining a proper body weight can help with sweating issues.

Fortunately, there are some other ways to deal with these sweat issues. Eating grapes for their cooling effects is a helpful way that people can beat the heat. Tomato juice is also something that can be used for it’s cooling effects on the body.

There are also other things you can do to deal with sweat during hot summer days. Some of these would be to dab some lemon juice and baking soda under your arms. This will this work to reduce sweating, and will also make you feel very cool and fresh.

This will also go a long way toward reducing odor. Another thing a person can do is to substitute fruits and vegetables for any high calorie meals and snacks since high calorie items heavy foods and alcohol are harder for the body to metabolize, and can cause problems with excessive sweating.

There are many things that can cause sweat during hot days, and fortunately many ways to that you can deal with sweat during these days.

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