May 15, 2010

Smile and face challenges of life

It is inevitable. There are just some times, in the course of an entire day, that something will pop up to get us down. It could be anything, any thing at all. It could be that your car would not start, you discovered bits of your lunch sticking in between your teeth right after a very important client presentation, or you found a long and nasty run along your stockings in the middle of a dinner date.

It could be a reprimand from your boss, a missed deadline, a lost business opportunity. Whatever it is, there is always something that is guaranteed to get a frown forming on our faces.
But instead of pitching a hissy fit, or sulking in a corner or worse, reaching out for some comfort food, and thus ruining your diet there is actually one thing you can do to make you feel better, and that is to smile.

This does seem a little ironic, doesnt it? After all, how can you smile after something bad happened to you? It seems an unnatural way to react, to smile after an awful event, and people around you might get to thinking that you lost your marbles.
But you see, smiling is the best way you can relieve yourself of negative emotions, of anxiety, anger and nervousness. A smile is programmed to exercise the facial muscles, making the face glow and become more firm and supple. A smile also coaxes the brain to produce endorphins, which are hormones designed to reduce physical and emotional pain and to bring a general feeling of well-being to the body.

If you dont feel like smiling, just look around you; you will always find something to look at, or something to do, that can make you smile. Here are a few:
• Go for a leisurely walk. A leisurely walk allows you to get a breath of fresh air and exercises your body. The exercise that you get from a walk can be invigorating, and the energy you get from it helps you relax and relieve anxiety.

Keep pets. If you have the time and can afford one, keep a pet, either a dog or a cat. Pets are good companions, and taking care of them allows you to form an emotional bond with them, which lets you express your pent-up feelings. Like, when you need a hug, you can always hug your dog.

Take the time to appreciate things. Sometimes, being in a rush not only leaves you stressed out but also makes you forget to look at the simpler but finer things in life. Take a brief pause from work, get some coffee and stare out at the sky from your window. If you have a day off, savor it. Linger in bed and catch up on some sleep, read a pocketbook or give yourself a foot spa. Maybe you can go out and watch a movie or have brunch with your friends.

Discover new skills. There is nothing like a great achievement to bring a smile on ones face. And what else can bring this sense of victory other than excelling on something, especially on a skill that you have just learned? Get yourself a hobby and learn new things. Perhaps you can take on painting, photography or sketching. Maybe you can try your hand on needlework, knitting or crocheting. Your finished work will definitely make you smile.

Pay someone a compliment. If you are feeling low, you can uplift yourself by uplifting others. Smiling is contagious and seeing other people smile can get you smiling too. A compliment does not have to be flowery. Something as simple as You look nice will do, as long as it is done with sincerity.

Another thing we ladies have to remember about smiling is that when we smile even though something untoward has happened to us, it shows us to be poised and self-contained. A poised and confident woman is always an admirable one.

source : Anna Lynn C. Sibal


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