April 28, 2010


- oh my! Looking to lighten your complexion? Every shade of skin is beautiful, but as we grow older our skin tone can change. Freckles may appear, dark spots can arise, and skin may not be as light as it once was. So, if you're still not ready to embrace your dark side, read on for a few natural whitening tips and tricks.

Use Sunblock

One of the easiest ways to stay fair is to use sunblock on a daily basis. Find a moisturizer that includes an SPF of 15 or higher and use it every morning after washing your face. Sunblock not only prevents your skin from getting darker, but also blocks harmful UV rays that can cause cancer and premature aging. Remember your hands when applying sunblock, as they are a prime area for age spots.
Exfoliating once a week will remove dead skin cells to lighten and brighten your skin. Mix two tablespoons oatmeal and two tablespoons brown sugar with a quarter cup of milk, and stir until a paste forms. Gently scrub your face, rinse, and moisturize.

Make a Mask

A homemade mask is a great way to lighten your skin and a good excuse to kick back on the couch. Try using one once a week. Use one tablespoon of each of the following: sandalwood paste, lemon juice, tomato juice, and cucumber juice. Mix them all together to form a paste. Spread the mixture on your face and wait until it dries. Rinse and moisturize for a natural glow.
Licorice extract contains glabridin, a component that acts as a

natural skin whitener. Apply a thin layer of the extract morning and evening, after you wash your face and before you moisturize. Licorice extract can be found at any health food store or ordered online. Be sure to store the bottle in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness. Note: test a small amount on the back of your arm before using on your face to be sure you do not have an allergic reaction.

Dark spots, and freckles, and skin-damage

Remember to love your skin no matter what color it is. It's a part of who you are and that's what makes you beautiful and unique.

By Laci Chiodo

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women s choice

Okay lady, heading for a party tonight. I’m sure you’ve bought the best attire available in the market, decided what make-up to wear with it, but, have you really figured out what bag you’re going to carry to lift the overall appeal of the outfit?

No? Well, let me take the pleasure of introducing you to the hottest trends in clutch bags this season.

A beaded clutch bag is a must have for the young and happening partygoer this season. It has the ability to add glamour to the most mundane outfit.


A patent leather clutch bag can go very well with a high-on-glam cocktail dress. In fact, you can team it up with casuals too and with the palette of interesting colours to choose from, you’d want to just keep adding one in your wardrobe every season.


A satin clutch bag is the most elegant piece of accessory to go for. A classic option to carry at a formal occasion, this one is an absolute have for a socialite.

animal_310_01ANIMAL PRINTS

Yes ladies, I know some of you just love it and thus we have this pick for you. Clutch bags with animal prints hugely compliment a monotone garment. It also adds spunk to your overall appeal.


Oh! A sequined clutch bag is all that you need to add a dash of glamour to your cocktail attire. Its makes a bold and feminine statement and will surely make people take notice of the little thing you carry in your hand.

Source: Ekta Oberoi

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