August 13, 2010

How To Wax Your Legs

* Choose your product. There are waxes or sugar solutions available.

* Read instructions thoroughly... twice.

* If product needs to be heated, do so for suggested time.

* Test the temperature so that you don't burn yourself.

* Check legs to be sure that they are dry. This is very important.

* For first time waxers, apply a thin layer of wax/sugar solution in a small area of the leg following hair growth direction.

* Press muslin strip onto leg.

* At the bottom of the strip (closest to your foot), turn a small area back against the strip. It should be resting flat against the strip about to be removed.

* Lift the end as instructed and pull back toward you. Do not pull up. Pulling back is the correct procedure.

* Bite down on your lip GENTLY. The pain will ease up in a second or two.

* Repeat procedure if you have missed a few hairs.

* Continue the leg until you are hair free!
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