May 29, 2010


Do you sometimes think that you would kill for beautiful full lips? Sure, you could get Collagen implants, or tattooed outlines around your lip... But it?s a little bit excessive, I?m sure you?ll agree! There are other cheaper, and much more practical, ways of achieving a similar affect. Here?s how to get beautiful full lips in four easy steps...

Step one: Lip balm babe

Prepare your delicate lips with a generous slick of lip balm in advance. Nobody likes cracked and frayed lips! And in this cold winter weather its important to take more care than usual. (Cold weather will dry the moisture from your lips). Make sure that the lip balm has sunk a little before you go on to step two, otherwise your lip liner won?t work.

Step two: Line and define

Get a natural lip liner, and carefully draw around the very rim of your lips. If you get a wobbly line, don?t panic (and don?t think nobody will notice it)... just carefully remove it and start again! When you have a firm line fill in the rest of your lips with the same color.

Step three: Now add some shine!

Here comes the glamorous bit, the lip-gloss! Again, keep the color natural. Forget lipstick that?s too dark or too light. One thing you?ve gotta remember though, gloss looks better but doesn?t have the staying power of lippy. Make sure you keep it in your purse and re-apply during the day.

Step four: Plump them up

This is the ?hard bit?. But actually it?s not! All you?ve got to do, (after you?ve completed steps one through three), is dot a white shimmery product like eye shadow or an eyebrow highlighter in the very center of your lips. Start slowly, and blend very carefully. What you are looking to achieve is natural looking shading, with your lip color being lighter where your mouth opens. This will create the illusion of beautiful full lips.

Oh, one last thing. Remember, people always want what they haven?t got, so don?t fret... just make the best of what you?ve got. And you know what they say; if you?ve got it, flaunt it!
So pucker up, and be sweet!

source : Joanne Elliott
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May 28, 2010

Keep Yourself Healthy By Your Healthy Behavior

With skimpy swimsuits and trips to the beach in mind, toning various body parts and dropping a few pounds in time for summer has become a priority for many. Coupled with regular cardiovascular exercise, healthy eating habits can severely impact one?s weight as well as one?s overall body image.

When it comes to shaping up and slimming down, several factors impact a person?s body and general healthiness. Different diets and eating routines work for different people. The following ?dos? should put a positive spin on helping those who wish to revamp their eating habits in the hopes of transforming their bodies for the better.

DO eat well-balanced meals throughout the day, kick starting your metabolism with breakfast as often as possible.

DO eat several helpings of salad, fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Recommended amount is five servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

DO drink lots of water. Strive for at least eight glasses a day, but drink as much as you are able. Your body will eventually crave the water, which often makes you less hungry for snacks throughout the day while also flushing toxins from your body.

DO avoid eating simply because you are bored. Popping candy, cookies and other sweets into your mouth merely to pass the time is not conducive to modifying and maintaining a healthy body image.

DO sit down; enjoy your food and CHEW! Avoid scarfing down your lunch in the car as you drive. Rushing meals and trying to get too many other things done while eating may prevent the food from digesting properly. Take the time to enjoy a leisurely meal without constantly trying to do something else.

DO reduce your intake of sugars and fats if you find yourself eating junk food all day.

DO avoid on an empty stomach. Almost inevitably, those shopping with hunger pangs pushing them along may be apt to throw a few more goodies in the cart than if shopping after a meal.

DO eat when you are hungry. Try to substitute healthier snacks, like vegetable sticks, for salty or sweet snacks like chips and cookies.

DO eat foods that are high in fiber. This will help to keep the snacking urges from breaking through as often.

DO be realistic about your body image goals. Do not expect overnight results. Work to achieve your goals but do treat yourself every once in a while!

DO stop eating when you are full. Many people try to force themselves to clean their plates completely in order to be ?polite? or to ?get their money?s worth?.

DO exercise at least twice a week, whether by jogging, walking or doing a cardio workout. Combining healthier eating habits with cardiovascular exercise is a surefire way to lead a healthier life.

To improve your body image and the way you feel about yourself, monitor your snacking and do your best to follow a disciplined eating routine. Eat balanced meals, exercise and maintain a positive outlook and you?ll be well on your way to a healthier body, mind and soul.

source : Kate M. D
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Are you fear to Eat Chocolate

Women on a diet or women who are conscious of their weight and figure always display a certain fear of chocolate. They avoid it like plague, thinking that the sugar and the calories that chocolate contains will make their diet and weight-loss plans go haywire.

And yet, when things go wrong and they are feeling down, they go and raid the fridge and gobble on as much chocolate as they can. When these women come to their senses later on, they feel horribly guilty and try to burn the sugar and calories gained from the binge.

Chocolate is a feel-good food; it is always associated with feelings of comfort and love. It is sweet and melts deliciously in the mouth. It induces the production of endorphins in the body, endorphins being hormones that reduce the feelings of pain in the body and makes the body feel pleasure in its stead. Chocolates are often given to children as rewards for good behavior. A lover (or a potential lover) gives a woman a box of chocolates to show his affection.

Given that chocolates do contain sugar and calories that dieting women find highly undesirable, should we women fear chocolate? The answer to this is that they should not. Eating chocolate is not something to be feared or avoided as if one�s life depends on not seeing a piece of that brown, melt-in-the-mouth sweet. Chocolate is not known to be physiologically addictive. Whatever cravings chocolate induces in a woman is all in her mind. In fact, chocolate can be beneficial, if eaten in the correct manner.

So, how should we women eat and enjoy chocolate without feeling even an iota of fear or guilt? Simply put, chocolate should be eaten in small amounts, and the experience of eating chocolate should be savored.
Chocolate should be eaten as a treat rather than a snack. If one is feeling hungry, she should eat a proper meal or a snack that is not loaded on calories. Eating chocolate when one is hungry only leads to bingeing. Besides, research has proven that consuming chocolate when one is not hungry lessens the craving for it.

Another thing about eating chocolate is that it should be eaten slowly. Chocolate should be eaten for the pure pleasure of it, so it should be savored. Feeling guilty about eating chocolate will only make the person eat it faster and consume more. One cannot taste chocolate, or anything for that matter, if it is eaten far too quickly, and one will only end up wanting more.

A third thing to remember about eating chocolate is that less is more. One will get more pleasure out of eating a small piece of dark chocolate than from a cookie laden with chocolate chips, simply because there is more chocolate in a small bar than in a cookie. If you are going to take in calories from chocolate, there is no point to adding more to your calorie count by eating something else with the chocolate.

Lastly, chocolates should be kept in a place that is not easily accessible so one would not give in to a sudden binge if the cravings hit her. It should be stored where it is not always in ones line of sight.
Chocolates are not to be feared. They are comfort foods and should be considered as a treat and a reward to ones self. Chocolates are good.
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May 25, 2010

How to Create Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes draw you to others with romantic gazes that capture your attention. Your eyes are usually the first thing someone notices about you.
Your eyes are the mirrors to your soul and can be a reflection of inside and outside beauty.

* Moisture-Eyes – Moisturize around your eyes every day. Daily facial moisturizers may not be enough to take good care of the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Apply moisturizers with your fingertips. For beautiful eyes, use gentle strokes to apply moisturizers.

Always apply any creams or gels to your eyes in a clockwise direction on the right side and a counterclockwise direction on the left side.

*Shape - If you want beautiful eyes, you have to shape your eyebrows. This either means plucking or waxing unwanted hair. If you're not good at doing this, you may want to use an eyebrow stencil.

If you want to know how to shape them, here's the link.

* Exercise - Did you know that you should exercise your eyes? Eye exercises are designed to help bring clarity of vision and improve eye strength. Don’t know how to do them?

No worries, here's how.

* Use Eye Drops - Use eye drops daily. Eye drops not only help moisture-eyes, they help refresh them and whiten them. If you want to create beautiful eyes, then make sure they're white.

Apply eye drops to your eyes as soon as you get out of the shower and dry. Make it a daily practice. No one likes to look into blood shot eyes.

You can buy inexpensive brands like Equate Brand Eye Drops at most superstores. For a large bottle, your cost will be around $3. These inexpensive brands have the SAME INGREDIENTS as the more costly brands!!

Allergies, contacts, alcohol, drugs, and pollutants will all contribute to red eyes. Get rid of red eyes if you want to have beautiful eyes~

* Use Milk - Use plain milk at night to help tighten the skin surrounding the eye. Milk is a wonderful firming liquid. The lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy acid.

Hydroxy acids help dissolve and exfoliate dead skin cells. Milk cleanses and firms the skin down to its deepest layers.

To use: pour a very small amount of milk in a small cup. Dip a clean q-tip or cotton ball in the milk to saturate. Gently apply the milk underneath the eyes on both sides and in between each brow.

I even like to apply some around my mouth to help firm and cleanse the skin surrounding the upper and lower lips. You can even apply it to the entire face. Why not?

You'll be surprised how a little bit of plain milk can really help firm and refresh your beautiful eyes~

* Rest, Relax, and Sleep - Get regular sleep and rest. If you don’t, you will have bags, sags, and dark circles under your eyes. Eyes need to rest. Without sleep you will definitely show your age!!!

Can't seem to get the sleep you need? Here's how!

* De-stress - De-stressing everyday needs to be a ritual although its hard to do in this fast paced world. Your eyes will be one of the first places to show it if you stay stressed all the time. If you want beautiful eyes, it is imperative that you learn how to de-stress!

Don't know how to relieve stress? Here's How!

* Eye Make Up - Used correctly, the right eye make up can make 'your look'. Eyeliners, mascara, and eye shadow’s used correctly can brighten the eyes and make them look more expressive.

Want to know how to apply makeup? Here's How!

* Take Vitamin A/Beta Carotene – Beta Carotene can really help restore clarity and improve vision, especially night vision. The one other thing you'll need to do, is to get regular eye exams. (If you can afford them!) Regular eye exams can catch problems early. If you can’t afford to visit your Opthamologist, just be sure to have reading glasses when you work if you can’t see clearly.

Straining your eyes is dangerous to your eyesight. You can get a cheap pair of eye glasses from any dollar store. They work fine and you’ll keep from straining them. Taking good care of your eyes doesn’t have to cost a fortune though.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your eyes that cost nothing. If you want to have beautiful eyes, you have to take care of them! You can transform your look and show a more beautiful mirror of your soul!

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May 23, 2010

No matter what is your age

Easy Effective Tips to Moisturize Your Skin

No matter what your age or skin type, it is vital to protect the skin you have. Avoid overly exposing your skin to the sun, wind, or harsh chemicals like chlorine. Practice a regular skincare routine by cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing your skin.

Follow these tips to keep your skin as healthy, smooth, and sexy as ever!
After a bath or shower, apply moisturizers to lock the moisture into your skin.
Alternate between oil-based and water-based moisturizers if you have combination skin.

Choose an oil-free, water-based moisturizer for oily skin.
Choose a thick, oil-based moisturizer for exceptionally dry skin.
Choose a gentle, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Do not apply moisturizers too often because it can result in clogged pores.
Focus on other body parts besides your face. Moisturizing is vital on dry elbows, knees, legs, breasts, and other areas that may be prone to flaking and chapping.

It?s never too early to start moisturizing your skin and to protect it from the signs of aging.
Mature skin may benefit from moisturizing products that contain alpha-hydroxy acid, selenium, or Tropoelastin.

Pick a moisturizer that contains a low level of sunscreen, like SPF 15. It keeps your skin soft and smooth while preventing the negative effects of harmful UV rays.
Strengthen your skin by choosing moisturizers that contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Wear lots of warm clothes, as well as gloves, scarves, and hats in the winter to prevent chapped skin and loss of moisture.

If you experience difficulty in selecting an appropriate moisturizer for your skin, consult your healthcare provider or a beautician for educated suggestions. If you know your skin type, choose a product created especially for you!

source : Kathryn M. D
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May 21, 2010


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