May 25, 2010

How to Create Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes draw you to others with romantic gazes that capture your attention. Your eyes are usually the first thing someone notices about you.
Your eyes are the mirrors to your soul and can be a reflection of inside and outside beauty.

* Moisture-Eyes – Moisturize around your eyes every day. Daily facial moisturizers may not be enough to take good care of the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Apply moisturizers with your fingertips. For beautiful eyes, use gentle strokes to apply moisturizers.

Always apply any creams or gels to your eyes in a clockwise direction on the right side and a counterclockwise direction on the left side.

*Shape - If you want beautiful eyes, you have to shape your eyebrows. This either means plucking or waxing unwanted hair. If you're not good at doing this, you may want to use an eyebrow stencil.

If you want to know how to shape them, here's the link.

* Exercise - Did you know that you should exercise your eyes? Eye exercises are designed to help bring clarity of vision and improve eye strength. Don’t know how to do them?

No worries, here's how.

* Use Eye Drops - Use eye drops daily. Eye drops not only help moisture-eyes, they help refresh them and whiten them. If you want to create beautiful eyes, then make sure they're white.

Apply eye drops to your eyes as soon as you get out of the shower and dry. Make it a daily practice. No one likes to look into blood shot eyes.

You can buy inexpensive brands like Equate Brand Eye Drops at most superstores. For a large bottle, your cost will be around $3. These inexpensive brands have the SAME INGREDIENTS as the more costly brands!!

Allergies, contacts, alcohol, drugs, and pollutants will all contribute to red eyes. Get rid of red eyes if you want to have beautiful eyes~

* Use Milk - Use plain milk at night to help tighten the skin surrounding the eye. Milk is a wonderful firming liquid. The lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy acid.

Hydroxy acids help dissolve and exfoliate dead skin cells. Milk cleanses and firms the skin down to its deepest layers.

To use: pour a very small amount of milk in a small cup. Dip a clean q-tip or cotton ball in the milk to saturate. Gently apply the milk underneath the eyes on both sides and in between each brow.

I even like to apply some around my mouth to help firm and cleanse the skin surrounding the upper and lower lips. You can even apply it to the entire face. Why not?

You'll be surprised how a little bit of plain milk can really help firm and refresh your beautiful eyes~

* Rest, Relax, and Sleep - Get regular sleep and rest. If you don’t, you will have bags, sags, and dark circles under your eyes. Eyes need to rest. Without sleep you will definitely show your age!!!

Can't seem to get the sleep you need? Here's how!

* De-stress - De-stressing everyday needs to be a ritual although its hard to do in this fast paced world. Your eyes will be one of the first places to show it if you stay stressed all the time. If you want beautiful eyes, it is imperative that you learn how to de-stress!

Don't know how to relieve stress? Here's How!

* Eye Make Up - Used correctly, the right eye make up can make 'your look'. Eyeliners, mascara, and eye shadow’s used correctly can brighten the eyes and make them look more expressive.

Want to know how to apply makeup? Here's How!

* Take Vitamin A/Beta Carotene – Beta Carotene can really help restore clarity and improve vision, especially night vision. The one other thing you'll need to do, is to get regular eye exams. (If you can afford them!) Regular eye exams can catch problems early. If you can’t afford to visit your Opthamologist, just be sure to have reading glasses when you work if you can’t see clearly.

Straining your eyes is dangerous to your eyesight. You can get a cheap pair of eye glasses from any dollar store. They work fine and you’ll keep from straining them. Taking good care of your eyes doesn’t have to cost a fortune though.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your eyes that cost nothing. If you want to have beautiful eyes, you have to take care of them! You can transform your look and show a more beautiful mirror of your soul!



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